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"Despite the insights of some eminent doctors, medicine still focuses on disease, giving it a failure orientation. Its practitioners still act as though disease catches people, rather than understanding that people catch disease by becoming susceptible to the seeds of illness to which we are all constantly exposed. Although the best physicians have always known better, medicine as a whole has rarely studied the people who don't get sick. Most doctors seldom consider how a patient's attitude towards life shapes that life's quantity and quality." -Excerpted from "Love, Medicine and Miracles," by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.


Energize your Health and Wellness!

Your health and wellness are precious. Therefore, you want to put your trust in medical practitioners with expertise and training in complementary/integrative as well as conventional therapies.

Center for Health Enrichment offers you the freedom to choose different complementary therapies that can be safely and efficaciously integrated into your conventional medical treatment. These therapies have proven helpful over the years in allowing patients to live healthier lives.

If our medical team feels it would be beneficial to consult or refer you to another practitioner or facility, we have a vast network of complementary health care providers and top quality clinics to which we refer.

The health and well-being of every patient is our top priority.