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Yes! Food and chemical sensitivities affect 75-90% of the population, costing billions in treatment, lost income due to missing work and absenteeism from school!

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Allergy Screening:

The ALCAT TEST is a patented test that objectively measures the blood cells' reactions to a foreign substance under conditions designed to mimic what actually happens when the food is consumed in real life. The methodology includes using innovative laboratory reagents allowing accurate cell measurement in their native form. Individually processed test samples, when compared with the "Master Control" (BASELINE) graph, will show cellular reactivity (cell count and size) if it has occurred. Scores are generated by relating these effective volumetric changes in white blood cells to the control curve. It has been shown to be accurate and reliable in scientific studies, 83.4% correlation with double blind oral challenge, (96% correlation for food additives and colorings) the Gold Standard in food sensitivity testing. By avoiding test positive foods, symptoms are reduced or eliminated and you will probably feel more energy as a major cause of weight imbalance is overcome. The test helps you and/or your doctor create an individualized food plan designed to meet your needs. And what's more, the benefits are usually seen within a matter of days.